About Techno Electrical

We provide all five Compliance Certificates in Cape Town.

Techno Electrical Specialists, based in Durbanville Cape Town, are proud to present our Company Portfolio to you.

Renowned for our reputation of producing a high standard of results, Techno Electrical Specialists hold strength in the marketplace for providing solution-driven service, and therefore understand the value of providing knowledge and expertise in a largely non-customer focused industry.

Techno Electrical have been providing the essential services to the property industry for over 15 years, initially offering the then required, Electrical Certificate & Beetle Certificate. Techno Electrical has responded quickly to the markets needs as new regulations came into effect and were one of the first companies to offer the Gas Certificate and Plumbing Certificates when these became requirements, in more recent times we have again responded quickly to market demands as the Electric Fence Certificate also became a requirement.

All the changes in the required inspections and certificates, plus recent acquisitions of other companies, led to us dropping the Electrical part of our name as many people were asking how can an Electrical company issue Gas Certificates, or Plumbing Certificates, so we are now known simply as The Techno Group.

Our latest acquisition of Home Network Solutions was a natural progression into the DStv and Audio/Video industry enabling us to offer our existing clients who are moving home with the added service of being able to re-locate their DStv installation and other Audio/Video equipment, like their Home Theatre Systems.

The Techno Group now offers a comprehensive service including the Supply & Installation of a full range of quality Audio/Video equipment from DStv, Home Theatre, Multi room Audio, High Definition Distribution, Intercom & CCtv installations, see our new website www.techno-group.co.za for more details on all our incredible services.

The Techno Group has further expanded it’s services to include an Alternative Energy & Energy Savings Project Division, supplying and installing quality products including:

Generators, Inverters, LED Lighting, Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heaters.

Techno Electrical understands the nature of this industry. It’s a requirement for home sellers not a choice so we do all we can to make it a painless process by organising all the required inspections and possible repairs at the same time when possible. We offer various convenient payment methods of settling accounts and forward all the required paperwork directly to your transferring attorney for your convenience.

Why Techno Electrical

We provide the Complete Compliance Certificate Solution for the Cape Town property market.

  • Electrical Compliance Certificate.

    Techno Electrical employs numerous qualified and registered electricians with many years experience specialising in performing Electrical Inspections. Our Electricians are constantly kept up to date with the latest electrical regulations regarding the Electrical Certificates.

  • Beetle Certificate.

    Techno Electrical is extremely fortunate to have more than one qualified and experienced Beetle Inspectors. Qualified Beetle Inspectors are quite rare requiring that many companies sub contract these skills, we can offer the Beetle Certificate in house.

  • Plumbing Certificate (Water Compliance).

    Techno Electrical was quick to respond to market changes when the Plumbing Certificate became a requirement in the Cape Town area, employing multiple teams of qualified plumbers. Please note the required City of Cape Town Water Compliance Certificate is NOT a full plumbing certificate.

  • Gas Certificate.

    Gas installations increased in popularity when our electricity supply became unreliable. Gas is a potentially explosive substance and installations are required to comply to certain regulations. Although Gas Installations are not common we do provide a complete Gas Certification service.

  • Electric Fence Compliance Certificate.

    Security has become a huge industry in South Africa with Electric Fencing forming a part of many homes overall security, these installations are potentially hazardous and must be installed within certain regulations. Although not every home has an Electric Fence installed we do offer a complete Electric Fence Certification service.

  • Full Rectification Services.

    Many installations require some degree of rectification in order to make them compliant with the latest regulations. Techno Electrical offers a full rectification service for ALL FIVE Compliance Certificates, so you can avoid the inconvenience of utilising multiple companies, we do it all to save you time, hassle and expense.