Inspection Request Online System.

A Division of The Techno Group.

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Inspection Request

Request your required Inspections directly from our Online Form.

Unlike most other online submission forms ours is not a simple emailed form.

In keeping up with the latest technologies Techno Electrical has employed a modern online Cloud Based Inspection Request system.

Email systems are unreliable, emails can fail to go through, or can end up in spam folders and you as the sender are unaware that your request was unsuccessful until such time as you follow up with us, faxing is even less reliable and costs you money.

With our new system, this CANNOT happen, you are submitting your Inspection Request directly into our online database, on clicking on the “Submit” button the system will immediately confirm if your submission was successful, followed by sending you an email to further confirm that your submission was successful and providing you with a reference number.

(Fill in your email address under Requester on the form to receive these emails).

You will receive another email from us confirming that an actual person has acknowledged receipt of your Inspection Request and it has been sent to the Bookings Department for further processing.